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Months ago, Mr L checked that it was ok to go away for the weekend. I consulted my calendar. Nothing in there for that weekend, though plenty going on around. Sure. Enjoy!

He checked again just before booking the train tickets - just in case things had changed. He’s fab like that.

Nope. Everything is still fine.

Then he and J were standing in the living room one evening, making final arrangements, and something in my brain froze.

Uh oh!

That weekend?

That particular weekend?

That our first wedding anniversary weekend.


Fortunately, we’re both pretty pragmatic and neither of us is big into ‘fuss’.

And fortunately, we BOTH forgot.

So now it’s in our calendars, with a ‘Repeat Every Year Forever’ setting. And just to be on the safe side, I thought I’d add this little reminder into my Planner and start checking that every month as well. Since it was our paper anniversary, I figure I’d share it with you!

Just click here to download it, print it out (double-sided), cut it in half and punch as desired. There are markings for the three-hole folders the Planners come in and a half-way mark if you’re using a standard two-hole punch.


Oh - and he got home early on the Sunday so we had a lovely evening together 😉