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On the off-chance that you’ve not been on Facebook recently, you might like to know about this fun thing that’s been doing the rounds.

7 Days of Gratitude

As is the way of these t’interweb things, I have no idea whose actual idea it was but that’s almost irrelevant now because we the people have taken hold of it and so now it is ours. The idea is simple.

3 things you’re grateful for, every day for 7 days

A few years ago, a client/friend gave me a slimline, 5-year diary. I knew instantly that I wanted to use it to record my Thanks every night before I went to bed. How amazing would it be to be able to see what I’d be grateful for on that date the year before, and the year before that!

Fairly predictably, I fell out of the habit (not entirely sure I ever really fell into it, tbh), but then seeing this thing on Facebook reminded me that it’s something I wanted to do. I didn’t really get any further than that though until the delightful Sami Morgan tagged me to join in.

Challenge accepted!

I have no idea why I didn’t just join in to begin with but I do remember feeling like it wasn’t my place to push in on it without an invite. As soon as I worked that out I realised how ridiculous it was – not wanting to offend some anonymous someone was a higher priority in my head than expressing my gratitude in public! That is not the way I want to live! Lesson learnt.

So I started, but I tweaked the rules to fit better with how I wanted to do it.

I’d been toying with the idea of some sort of Photo Every Day challenge for a while and, since you know how much I love to make things more complicated pretty, I decided to meld the two into one project - just to see if I could.

I also nominated two people every day instead of just at the start (in case there were other folk out there needing the nudge I had needed).

My last 7 days

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Yesterday was my last official day, but I’ve enjoyed it so much that I’m going to continue,  for a while at least. (How good is my Project Life album going to look!) I’ll be doing it on Instagram so come and follow me over there.

Now I nominate you

Yes, you. Share what you’re grateful for - on Twitter, on Instagram, on Facebook - even here in the comments. I don’t mind where - but somewhere public. I can’t wait to see what you’re grateful for!