Are you living with purpose and loving your life? | from looks like that ‘sort your head out and get cracking in October’ chat that I had with myself some time last week has really kicked in! We’re only on day two, so I’ll not get ahead of myself with the celebrations, but I think a recovering procrastinator is allowed to celebrate actually getting things started! (Especially when it’s happened on purpose and not just serendipity!)

Today I have:

  • completed Day 2 of my secret 30 Day Exercise Challenge
  • completed Day 2 of my 30 Day Blogging Challenge (at least, I will have by the time you read it - obviously)
  • sent out my newsletter! (That one’s been bumped for weeks.)
  • launched a new Facebook group
  • done various other things for clients and customers, obviously.

That second to last one is the most exciting for me. I spent a fair bit of time tying myself up in knots in September, trying to figure out what my Facebook strategy (ick!) would be, then yesterday I watched a webinar from the very lovely Mark Bowness, and he straightened it all out for me!

Ladies and gents, I give you the ‘I’m living with purpose and loving my life’ Facebook group!

It’s pretty self-explanatory. A space to encourage and inspire everyone who wants to live a life of purpose and love their life while doing so!

Mark is quite an amazing guy. I only discovered him a couple of months ago - and when I say ‘discovered’, I mean he came and introduced himself to me. His group, I work in Personal Development, is full of inspiring people doing wonderful work but the most remarkable thing for me is the spirit of collaboration and friendship within it. Today we even managed a long thoughtful thread about religious and spiritual beliefs and life after death. There are over 5,500 people in that group - and not one troll comment.

THAT, my friends, is the basis of a strong community.

And that’s what I want to build with the Perfect Planners – a community of like-minded people, supporting each other to be the best they can be and living their lives in a purposeful way. What do I mean by that? I believe each and every one of us has a purpose on this earth, and I want to help as many people as possible to fulfill their’s. Because if we all did what we’re called to do - just imagine the impact that could have on our world!

That’s why, when you buy a planner, you’re invited into my private planners group - so you can have all the support and encouragement you could want. But that’s not enough for me - I wanted to widen it out - to help as many people as I can, whether you’ve bought anything from me or not. Sure, the blog and free resources here let me do that, but I realised in that webinar that I could do so much more! And, while I know this space will grow and people will start to chat in the comments (especially if I’m blogging every day), I also want the kind of conversation that only a Facebook group can provide.

Because that’s where the real juice of relationship gets flowing… in conversations.

So here it is. I know you probably have a bajillion different Facebook groups going on already, so please don’t feel you have to join it now unless you want to and you want to be an active member of the community. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with Facebook chatter, maybe now isn’t the best time for you – and that’s ok. When the time is right, come and join us!

I’m off. Feeling smug - and like I may be starting to make friend with my Inner Monkey of Procrastination. I’ll see you tomorrow with a little more about how you can live a life of purpose.