It’s almost that time of year again… seasons are shifting, shop windows are changing and the pressure is starting to build…

It’s time to start planning Christmas!

As a wee little thank you to you for being so lovely in support of my fledgling business, I’ve made a huge resource and I’d love to swap it with your for your email address. Why? Because that’s how much I value your permission to email you. (And I know I’m breaking all the rules by telling you what I want up front, but I’m so tired to being sucked into email sign ups, and I figure I’m not the only one.)

So if you don’t want me to email you, don’t read any more of this post. But, if you’re up for little missives every now and then, continue and enjoy. Once you’re all signed up you’ll get the files straight away AND safe in your inbox in case you happen to be reading this on your mobile phone. (Yup - that’s where I do most of my emailing too.)

In the planner there is everything you need to get started planning your version of a Perfect Christmas - bar the glitter, naturally.

Christmas Planning pages

  • Budget sheets
  • Receipt pockets
  • Event planner pages
  • Meal planning pages
  • Gift tracker pages
  • Christmas Card lists
  • Thank you notes tracker
  • Travel planner pages

Christmas Checklists

  • Cleaning
  • Decorating
  • Travel
    - packing for the kids, the car and you!

Plus space for you to record all the traditions and best bits, along with ideas for next year.

All the pdfs come bundled in a .zip folder, in an instant download. All the pages are in my usual ‘kind to frugal printers’ style - simple, black only designs.

Best of all, it’s completely free for personal use. And if you like it, I would love it if you share the image below and the link to sign up!

Thank you!

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