Praise: Some of the lovely things folk say

Praise for the Planners and Coaching

The best thing about my work is seeing the impact it has on the people who use it. I love hearing how my customers and clients are using their planners and transforming their lives with new meaning and lots of fun! Here are a few of the lovely things some have said…

I’m totally in love with Siân and her Perfect Planners! Like many entrepreneurs, I’m always on the lookout for the ultimate in diaries, day-planners or organisation systems. This Christmas, while I’m still looking at what’s available on the market (because ooooh shiny, pretty things that promise organisation are so great for procrastinating!) everything I look at pales in comparison to my Perfect Planner because, for the first time ever, I’ve found a system that actually works for me.

I started using my Perfect Planner in August during the school summer holidays and I got more done in one week than I did in the whole of the previous month! Ultimately, aside from the practical organisation that using my Perfect Planner brings, the thing I love most about it is the shifts that have occurred in my mindset.

Instead of mentally beating myself up because it’s Friday and I didn’t do everything I thought I should, I can look back on my original goals for the week and realise that, actually, it was a pretty good week after all. I’m much kinder to myself and, ironically, get more done as a result!

Run and get yourself your very own Perfect Planner and then buy one (or three!) for someone you love – the Perfect Planner makes a brilliant gift!

El Edwards

Loving how easy it was to have a week off as a holiday without wasting paper. Continued to use the bookmark to mark habits and record how the days had been, but no week planner or day planner pages wasted. 🙂

Much better than dated planner books where any breaks or holidays just become empty unused pages, not great for the environment or any perfectionists that then feel they have failed in some way by missing out pages. It’s one of my favourite things about these planners. If I want to have 3 unplanned days this week I just juggle my pages to only have 4 days matching up with my week planner. Likewise if I want to plan all 7 days I juggle the pages to have 7 days available.

When I was unable to plan my weeks due to circumstances I couldn’t control, I could just run a day to day plan using the Pleasing Project printable pages as my longer term stuff to get done instead of feeling I was wasting a week planer constantly having to change things. I felt much happier that way as I was seeing stuff getting accomplished, instead of a constant reminder of how many times I had to change my week schedule.

Being able to order extras, of whichever page I require most of at any given time, is so much more helpful than having someone else’s structure to try to fit my life into. Working with these planners is completely flexible and empowering.

Angela Paterson

Avon Independent Sales Leader

Every time I bring my planner out of my bag, people admire it and ask me where I got it! It is a fantastic tool for everyone and in particular for procrastinators or those who are easily distracted! All there in your folder are spaces for you to design your dreams, captured into goals, turned into plans and actions for you to tick or cross. Daily lists, reminders and nudges to help you achieve more than you can possibly imagine. I love the little pockets for receipts and useful bits and pieces.

Siân is a natural coach and NLPer and her passion for design, utility and the written word shines through in her work. I can highly recommend Perfect Planners and Siân Harris as the perfect companions for taking you from where you are, to where you want to be!

Gail Walshe

Gail Walshe

Just wanted to thank you again for appointment 1. Today has been pretty awesome with another personal best and generally feeling so much more at ease with my life. Ok things aren’t perfect but you name it…job, money, half marathon challenge are all in positions where I am relaxed and happy. Night and day the difference from where I was at appointment 1, and I much prefer this feeling and want to hang on to this for as long as possible.

I know that were I am, I owe as significant percentage of to you so THANK YOU!!!! 🙂


Running to raise money for charity

Thank you!!!!

Siân helped me out dealing with some of my anxiety and stress leading up to my driving test. The day after I saw her I passed!

She was very perceptive, calm and reassuring… couldn’t recommend her enough!


New driver

Thank you so much for all your hard work.

As soon as I started working with you, I found your ideas, feedback and regular check-ins (read positive nagging!) of huge value. You have been wonderfully positive and encouraging while at no point stooping to flattery. Furthermore, thanks to your humour and enthusiastic personality, working with you has made the whole process fun and exciting.

I would not hesitate to recommend your services.


Aspiring author

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