Praise: Some of the lovely folk I want to thank

There are, of course, dozens of people I want to thank for helping me get to here, but a few stand out in particular and I want to share the love and encourage you to look them up… (You can thank me later ;).)

If it weren’t for El, I’m not sure Perfect Planners would even exist!

I’d been looking for ways to build my own planner, wording that would help me get all the things I needed to get done, done. Then she wrote a blog post about getting rid of words of obligation, words like ought, should and must, and switching instead to words of opportunity, like choose, want, can.

Her blog post was the spark for the shift in my head that ended up being these Planners. And I will be forever grateful. Thank you El.

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Mary is one of those people you just want to spend time with. Simply being in her presence makes me feel better, and having a Bowen treatment from her is the most relaxing thing on earth! She fixed the limp I developed after breaking my leg and has helped with niggles and aches too many to mention. And she’s a great friend. Thank you Mary.

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Ellie was part of a mastermind group I joined a couple of years ago. (I don’t think any of us can believe it was that long!) Coiner (and sharer) of the #Tada hashtag, she’s super generous with her thoughts and creative process, and an inspiration in openness and creative funding. Thanks Ellie!

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Angela and I met while both working part-time jobs. We quickly recognised kindred spirits and I have been her ‘blue-haired accomplice’ ever since. She’s my tireless cheerleader and reassuring reality slap rolled into one. (And between us we can demolish more cake in one afternoon than should be humanly possible!) Thank you Angela!

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Gail has helped me more than I can say. She fixed my fear of supermarkets (yes really), she taught me all I know about NLP and hypnosis (along with the very fabulous Linda), she’s brilliant for bouncing business ideas and catching lazy thinking, and she is a wonderful friend. It’s hard to believe so much fun and fabulousness exists in one person. Thank you Gail.

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Gail Walshe

Loobs (as she’s known to just about everyone!) and I did our Master Practitioner training together and she unlocked so many doors in my head it was unreal! She honed in on details and articulated things I knew weren’t working but couldn’t quite put my finger on, in a wholehearted loving and compassionate way. Without her insight, I’d still be bumbling around in my brain wondering what the word ‘comfortable’ means. Delicious! Thank you Loobs.

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