Starter Kits: all you need to get started

 Starter Kits

Everything you need to kick start your new you.

If you are a busy mum, an ambitious entrepreneur, a compulsive list maker, a constant planner, a stationery addict,
a crafter or simply someone who likes to set things up just the way you want them, the Perfect Planner Starter Kit is for you.

Three months worth of daily, weekly and monthly planners, a goal setting and habit forming section,
regular reviews to keep track of your progress and plan for the life you want to live.

Take your pick from two styles: Artisan and Deluxe. The content is the same, the only difference is the level of finish.

Want your own finishing touches? Artisan gives you the flexibility you crave.
More into Grab’n’Go? Deluxe is made for you.
Like to try before you buy? Join the Perfect Planners mailing list and
win your own digital version for free.

Back soon!

I’m afraid I’ve had to put the shop on hold for a little bit (while I settle into being a new Mummy!) but I’m still working on the Planners and I have some rather exciting plans, for 2016 - including a crowd-funded production run!

So hop on the mailing list and you’ll be the first to know about new developments (and at the moment you’ll also get a copy of the Perfect Christmas Planner to boot!)

Artisan Planner | from


All the Planner pages, Goal Setting, Habit Forming and Reviews for three months. A plain binder, coordinating papers and washi tape so you can make it your own. All you’ll need is a good blade and some double sided tape (but I’m guessing you have those already!).

Deluxe Planner | from


All the Planner pages, Goal Setting, Habit Forming and Reviews for three months. The binder is covered in beautiful designer papers, all the pockets are made up for you, and the months and weeks are colour coded in coordinating washi tape.

Once you’ve bought your Planner you’ll be invited into the private Facebook group of Perfect Planners’ inner circle. Join fellow planners, make friends, share inspiration, encouragement, celebrations and accountability.

Starter Kit: What's in the box? | from

Everything is undated, to give you maximum flexibility. You want to take a month off to relax in the South of France? Get sick for a week and stay in bed to recover? No problem, just pick up where you left off when you get back.

Hack it, tweak it, customise it however you’d like. There are only 6 days in each week - to encourage you to have a day off - but if your shift patterns mean you end up with 13 days ‘on’ and then 3 days off, (or something else means you move your ‘weekend’ to a different time) simply shift the days around within your weeks. They’re specifically designed to work around whatever you want them to do.

Once you know what your goals and have got used to using your planner, you can pick which refills you’d like, so your system works for you.

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